Classroom + MangaON DSi dev NANDs

The following 8 NAND dumps are from various DSi development units (and 2 retail), some of which were used for developing the Classroom DSi and MangaON. Each console is briefly explained below, along with downloads links for each backup. A development cartridge containing the KART program has also been included in this release.
Many thanks to @collection_nintendo on Instagram for providing the dumps.

Additional thanks to MaxiBash and xp for finding deleted content in the dumps and researching these consoles. Please check out MaxiBash's blog article for a bit more backstory to each DSi.

Table of contents
- Development mode Classroom DSis
- KART development cartridge
- MangaON development DSi
- Altron development DSi
- "For dealers and explainers" DSi
- Nintendo Zone Box DSi

Development mode Classroom DSis (v1.3J_dev)

These are dumps of 4 different Classroom DSis in development mode. Very little is known about them, though they may have been used to test and develop classroom software. 5 of these are known to exist and were sold on Yahoo Auctions Japan around June of 2023. Those units were labelled as K04 through to K08. @collection_nintendo managed to win 4 of the 5 consoles, only missing K05.

Almost every DSi contains a program called "camera KART". We believe it is sort of augmented reality test, with KART standing for Kyoshitsuji Augmented Reality Test. We haven't completely figured out what it does, and likely never will with just the 3 of us (help us), though we have a rough idea from seeing the program run. The bottom screen has a camera recognition value (shown as recog) which increases when it sees recognizable patterns. It responds well to images of tiles, static, and QR codes, giving a recognition of as high as 40. When the recognition is high enough, it will display a model from NitroFS on the top screen.

KART screenshot
We don't have the patterns required to get a high enough recongnition to see the models in action, but we did extract and view the models externally. From first to last, "man_02", "pika", and "cube".

man_02 model pika model cube model


Classroom DSi K04 NAND
Classroom DSi K04 NAND (extracted contents)
Classroom DSi K06 NAND
Classroom DSi K06 NAND (extracted contents)
Classroom DSi K07 NAND
Classroom DSi K07 NAND (extracted contents)
Classroom DSi K08 NAND
Classroom DSi K08 NAND (extracted contents)
All KART versions


Classroom top Classroom bottom Classroom turned on

KART development cartridge

This copy of KART was flashed to a TWL development cartrdidge. It appears to be a later build than the NAND versions from before, including features such as swapping cameras (X button), freezing the camera (START, SELECT, or B button), and changing the frame rate (Y button). You can also toggle a blank pixel in the center of the camera with the left shoulder button.

KART screenshot
There are no models inside of this KART, and the layout slightly changed by removing the "CAMERA KART" text and TIME.

We tried dumping KART through multiple tools, some made specifically for TWL dev carts, though nothing worked properly. Each dump had some section that was corrupt, as seen below. The first table is a dump from DS Game Card to SD, and the second table is from GodMode9i.

KART bad regions with DS Game Card to SD KART bad regions with GodMode9i
While each dump by itself is incomplete, there is enough good data between the two to piece together a working dump. Huge thanks to xp and MaxiBash for figuring this out. This combined dump works perfectly and should match the original data on the cartridge.


KART development cartridge dump


KART cartridge top KART cartridge bottom

MangaON development DSi (v1.0J_dev)

This DSi was used for the development of MangaON, Sunsoft's unreleased service for WiiWare and DSiWare that would have distributed comics and manga. Articles from that time mention Dragon Ball and One Piece manga being offered, as well as others from Shonen Jump later on. The DSi we found would have been on display at Jump Festa 2009 for people to try and learn about MangaOn.
While somewhat hard to see, photos of the event show the DSis in action. In fact, there's a chance this exact unit (or the very edge of it at least) is shown here:

Jump Festa MangaON stand
The MangaON DSi used to have the MangaON service installed, though it was overwritten by the home menu, suggesting that someone updated the console after the event was over.
Only the first of 1.4mb of 16.3mb are still present, or roughly 10%. We have the build date from 2008/12/17 at 18:52:11, banner, arm7/9 binaries, and part of the file that holds the comic data (comic.bin), though we can't check the comic because there is not documentation on the format. We have about 1mb of 12mb for the comic data, so if someone figures out the format we believe the first couple pages may be recoverable.

The MangaON DSi also has the oldest known version of NandFiler with a unique banner design and layout.

NandFiler icon NandFiler screenshot


MangaON DSi NAND (extracted contents)
MangaON app
Partial comic.bin


MangaON top MangaON bottom MangaON turned on

Altron development DSi (v1.2J_dev)

This is a development console owned by Altron. They never made anything for the DSi, so this DSi has nothing of interest on it beyond the usual prototype home menu and settings, and as expected those have already been dumped from other development units.


Altron DSi NAND
Altron DSi NAND (extracted contents)

"For dealers and explainers" DSi (v1.4.5J)

We don't know anything about this DSi. It has text printed on the back that says 「販売店様 説明員用」, or "For Dealers And Explainers" in english. This DSi may have been used by dealers in stores to explain what a DSi is. This runs a normal retail firmware and so it isn't as interesting as we had hoped.


For dealers and explainers DSi NAND


For dealers and explainers top For dealers and explainers bottom For dealers and explainers turned on

Nintendo Zone Box DSi (v1.4.1J)

This is a dump of a Nintendo Zone Box DSi. The NAND appears to be retail.


Nintendo Zone DSi NAND

Thanks to Kezerker for editing!