How to run the Shantae prototypes

You can download these prototypes here: https://archive.org/details/riskys-revenge-builds.-7z.

The builds come in two formats. TADs and SRLs.
  • To run SRLs, just rename them to .nds and read the rest of this page.
  • To run TADs, see here.
Having trouble getting everything to boot? Don't worry, the prototypes do work, you just need to do a couple things with melonDS:
  • Make sure you are emulating a DSi, not an old DS.
  • Disable "boot game directly" (Config --> Emu settings --> General)
  • Install unlaunch on your NAND, or find a NAND with unlaunch preinstalled.

To run these versions, please boot them from the virtual SD card via unlaunch!:
  • IGN
  • main
  • main.nand
  • mainPUBLISH
  • ShantaeRiskyRevenge_Normal
  • UbisoftShantae
  • WinRisky
  • WinRotty
  • WinShantae
  • WinSummer
To run these versions, please insert them as a cartridge and boot them from the home menu!:
  • ShantaeDSi
  • ShantaeDSi20090401

Note: versions that can be booted through unlaunch will also work on real hardware! (as long as you use unlaunch... though that should be obvious)