Finished poor 3DS

Article Published 2022-11-22

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This is the final entry (or so I hope) of the "poor 3DS" series. Enjoy.

Spring, 2022: 

Damn this console's owner. I got the shoulder buttons and battery. He wanted me to install them in the park outside of his house. Yes that's right, he wanted me to take apart and put back together a whole fucking 3DS in the middle of a park. I insisted inside would be better but he refused. I gave up, fixed it in a couple minutes, gave him his console, and prayed he'd never asked me to touch it again.

I thought it was the end. I thought I'd never have to touch this poor console again. I was wrong.

October, 2022: 

It was early october and I was eating lunch with friends in the school hallways. I was having a good day... until he arrived. Out of nowhere the 3DS abuser appeared. After months of silence, he came back to complain that he yet again broke his console. He dropped it on the table, said nothing more than "please fix it", and left.

When I got home I immediately turned it on. And then I immediately started screaming and hitting my wall because WHY, WHY COULD HE NOT JUST BUY A NEW FUCKING 3DS!? The top screen was disconnected, the wireless button was jammed, the console was even more rough, and a whole new layer of grime coated it's surface. I had enough. I just wanted to get it over with.
I fixed it in a night, and told him for the 20th time that he needs to get a new shell. "Why can't you just use some glue?", he asked. I was about to cry. It was not a clean break. It was not going to hold! I tried gluing it before and it just broke again! But no... he didn't think it was that bad. Just slather a glue stick on and it's all good. Please spare me this torture. PLEASE.

Anyways, he forced me to take it back. I tried multiple different glues with no luck. I spent a couple weeks trying to figure out any way to get it to stay. Eventually I went with a cheap as fuck super glue and it seemed to hold. I left it over night, closed the hinge and SNAP. It came undone. Again. I was done. I was done before, and I was more than done after. I actually don't know what I was. I was beyond frustrated at this 3DS owner and his dumb requests.

I was so frustrated that I forced the break to close with super glue again. And I layered the super glue. One coat after another, that stupid case wouldn't be able to break after that. I let it sit for a whole week. And you know what? It worked. It actually sealed the case.

It doesn't look nice but at this point I don't care. In another couple months he's going to ask me to fix it again. I know that all of this is pointless. I fix it, he breaks it. And endless cycle of pain.

Tomorrow he gets his console back. He doesn't deserve it. I don't want to give it to him. In fact I'm going to try to get him to give it to me. I will pay him $20, scrap the shell, spread the parts out, stick it in a shadow box, and run the DSi XL Demo Video roms on it. At least there it will be safe, have some use, and it'll be an interesting piece to show to visitors.

I just hope I never have to deal with this again lol