Less poor 3DS

Article Published 2022-01-19

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Sorry if I keep on putting out blogs and annoy everyone, but IT WORKS IT WORKS IT WORKS!
Look! I swapped batteries (the original one was completely dead) and it worked!

But wait... didn't he say it was bricked? That really doesn't look like a brick to me. Unless brick = working perfectly.

All it was was the battery. Waaaaaay simpler than I had expected. But, sadly, the bottom screen isn't displaying anything. It reads my inputs and it glows slightly, but it doesn't show much. I'll ask some people in a sever I'm a part of for any ideas. See you then!

---Fancy transition---

I'm back. I checked the ribbon cables and one of them was slightly loose. I put it in properly this time.

(decided to try my flashcart, cause I haven't used it in a while and wanted to see if it worked. It does! Maybe I can do ntrboot with it)

I'm nearly done. I still have to fix the charging port, the case, and hack the console. This supposedly "already hacked" 3DS doesn't appear to be hacked. It might have been, but I'm doubtful.

I also found more issues with it. The cartridge and SD slots are disgusting, some of the screw holes are stripped (same goes for the screws), the R button's ribbon cable has been cut, and the wireless slider isn't working (should be easy enough to fix, I think it is just loose). He wants me to go out and buy a new battery (and probably a new R button), so I guess I'll do that sometime soon. He's paying for it, and I'm getting some flashcarts, so I guess it's worth the time. But, as Mr. DeadSkullzJr said,

I'll see you in part 3.