Help obtain prototype builds of a Shantae game!

MaxiBash and rmc just hosted a fundraiser to pay someone $750 USD for the release of 12 builds Shantae Risky's Revenge. The fundraiser was a success and we have uploaded all the builds on the Internet Archive (you will have to find these yourself).

However, this isn't the end!

The seller has offered ~20 additional builds for an extra $500 ($1250 total).

We still need your help to preserve the final batch of Shantae prototypes!

Here is some of what we've preserved with your support so far:

In the event that the fundraiser fails for any reason, we will return the money to the backers at our expense; we've calculated the approximate cost of doing so and determined that we can cover it.

Questions can be posted in ⁠the Rare Gaming Dump Discord server; we will also provide regular updates of the amount of money collected there.

You can donate via PayPal here:
We also accept donations through Ko-fi:

Any amount helps, so please feel free to spread this around!